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10 reasons to hire your wedding decor!

Ten reasons why it’s better to hire your wedding decor!

Harrogate Deckchairs.jpg
  1. Make it Unique

You can use one off, unique and vintage pieces that you could not otherwise use as they are simply not for sale! Think original china, vintage bicycles and deckchairs.

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  1. You can save £££s... On average, hiring is 75% cheaper than buying, so you’ll be able to spend all of that extra cash on something else – extra canapés, a champagne toast, or your honeymoon perhaps?!

Woodland Wedding.jpg

  1. Save the Planet! Hiring is much more environmentally friendly than buying everything new....why buy loads of brand new things just for one day when you can hire something that will have a much longer and worthwhile life!

Drink Champagne.jpg

  1. Save time... You don’t need to check every branch of a store just to get 20 matching candlesticks, nor do you need to crawl the web looking for the best price on a cake stand – just take a look at hire sites which will have a large stock of everything at a much cheaper price!

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  1. You get fantastic quality Hire items have to be great quality in order to withstand multiple use. So you don’t have to scrimp and save with flimsy and cheap accessories; even if your budget is small you can still have the finest decor around!

Hanging Lanterns Wedding.jpg

  1. Quadruple your decor! Got £200 to spend on decorating your venue? If you opt to hire instead of buy you instantly quadruple your spending power – meaning you can easily end up with over £800 worth of decor!

Packed Car.jpg

  1. It saves you from a logistical nightmare If you buy all of your lanterns, candelabras and jugs, where are you going to store them all? Who has to do all the moving and shifting before the big day and afterwards? Hire it all and get the company to deliver and collect straight to and from your venue, saving you and your friends from packing it all into the boots of your cars!

Keep it Local.jpg

  1. Support independent businesses Most hire firms are small, independent businesses and the nature of the service that they provide means they will be local to you or to your venue. So by using their hire services you are boosting small, local and independent businesses!

Light Bulbs Wedding.jpg

  1. Get help with ideas & designs Even if you have a very clear idea in mind, it can be difficult to make that idea into a reality! Hire firms will have photographs of past events to help you develop your ideas and also a wealth of experience to give advice on what is practical and indeed possible!

Hearts Lights.jpg

  1. Share the LOVE Your wedding will be the most amazing and memorable day of your life and it’s a great feeling to know that the little things that contributed to making your day so special will do the same for other couples (rather than them sitting in a loft gathering dust for years)!

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